Maresfield Village Meadows Trust





Membership of the Trust is open to all in the village and surrounding area and is run by a board of Trustees from the village as well as receiving both Professional, Parish and Council Support.


Membership benefits

  • helping to secure and have access to an 8 acre woodland and mixed ponds site of unusual environmental beauty and peace within the village;
  • updates to activities and opportunities to become involved in working groups around the site;
  • there will be various social activities e.g. Autumn Quiz –this year 24th September 2016 and these social events will be increased in type and frequency as Membership grows, including a potential Photographic competition;
  • children and parents of same in the vicinity will be able to picnic in the grounds;
  • members with deep interest in painting and photography will find much to interest them;
  • nature lovers and environmentalists will be able to assist in setting up a Badger watch for the one large sett and planting more natural English woodland bulbs and wild flowers;
  • ornithologists will have the opportunity to increase bird life within the site by actively setting up bird boxes , watching mallards and other water fowl including Heron and Kingfisher and helping to improve the two islands to promote the population of wading birds;
  • access to the site for wheelchair and pushchair users with limited off road close parking for those for whom walking to the site may be difficult;
  • walkers using Public Footpath number 58 in the village will in due course see this footpath linked by means of a stile or gate to a planned footpath to the north west of the site with much of the initial woodland clearance having already taken place;
  • help the Trust in its current five year Management Plan to promote more English natural woodland trees after the removal of the two invasive species on the site, Cherry Laurel and Rhododendron Ponticum.

Membership application

If you would like to become a Member @ £10 per person per year, £20 per Family per year , Organisations @ £25 min per year, please complete the below form. The Trust Privacy Policy may be downloaded here


Payment to be made by Direct Debit , Standing Order, Cheque and made payable to :-

Maresfield Village Meadows Trust , C/o Treasurer, Alan Sallows, Address Southern Cottage, The Drive, Maresfield Park, Maresfield, East Sussex. TN22 2HD





Direct debit

Standing order