Maresfield Village Meadows Trust





Janice Somner - Chair

Role - main interface for the Trust on any matter including Legal structure, Minutes and arranging Meetings, H&SE, Trustee Training courses that may include St John’s Ambulance First Aid, Agricultural College Courses and principal interface with potential Contractors and Charity Volunteers for Work tasks. The main named Member Insured by the Trust’s Insurers to use a chain saw in Woodland Management activities. Co-ordinator of budgetary requirements of all Trustees for presentation to the Treasurer.


Kay Wainwright - Secretary


Alan J Sallows - Treasurer

Role - all matters to do with Accounts, links to the Examiner and Charities Commission holder of the Trust Account and Cheque Book, one of the two cheque signatories required the second being the Chairman. The controller and forward looker of the Trust’s operational budgets. Heavily involved in Membership details/records and strengthening the Membership data base and when necessary involved in organising the Fundraising Quizzes. Unable to be involved in the Working Party tasks but highly supportive and provider of good ideas.


Gordon Cornford -Trustee

Role - Gordon is the lead member of the Working Party having been involved in both Farming and Arboriculture all his life. When matters such as building five bar gates and stiles are required, fences replaced, tree roots removed, the use of winches to remove embedded trees in the ponds his is the voice of knowledge and experience. This non- use of the Chain saw by Gordon reflects amendments in the Working Party practices and Insurance requirements.


Ian Smith - co-opted as Expert on Health & Safety and Risk Assessment matters.