Maresfield Village Meadows Trust



Normans Pond and Woodland


Where is the site?

Northern most point (grid reference TQ 545 741 124347) and south western side (grid reference TQ 545652 124236).



The site facilities are wholly a natural open and woodland area enabling walking (with dogs on leads), picnicking in the open areas, taking photographs of the wildlife and painting .
As the main pond is both deep (1 metre) and contains a silt depth of up to 2 metres or more, there are signs indicating that swimming and water games are not permitted.


The site noticeboard by the entrance also indicates what is not permitted. This is a natural environment and its size of nearly 3 hectares is divided into the two main ponds and the woodland.


Wheelchair accessible

The Trust welcomes visitors with wheelchairs and pushchairs but please be aware that the natural terrain in the woodland area that contains a large Badger sett, Fox and Rabbit holes that cannot be filled in will not be suitable or safe for use. The woodland path is both undulating, narrow and currently root covered.


The footpath alongside the main and feeder pond is covered by a metre wide, high grip plastic matting for some 350 metres particularly suitable for invalid and other chair users.
Currently there are three benches and three are ready to be delivered and installed.


Opening times

Open all year round although from time to time and to reflect woodland management work being undertaken zonal areas may be marked off as closed to Members and the wider public.

Please adhere to these advisory signs for your personal safety.